New To The Topic of Agile•at•Scale?

Confused about the different large scale frameworks and approaches? 

No surprise. There are quite a few named: LeSS, SAFe, DAD and many more untitled and custom-made.

Below are firsthand explanations mostly done by the methods' creators and ideologists.

What is Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)?


A short explanation of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) by its co-creator Craig Larman:

Having more time? Here goes a longer and a more elaborated talk on LeSS by Craig:

Scaled Scrum - Nexus

A brief introduction into the problematics of scaled scrum by its co-creator Ken Schwaber.

A talk by Ken explaining the Scaled Scrum approach in details.

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

See Dean Leffingwell's (the creator of SAFe) short interview:

Need more details? Here goes a recorded webinar run by Dean:

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)

A blitz explanation of DAD by Scott Ambler - the creator of the framework:

And here goes a longer talk recorded at a conference where Scott elaborates on DAD:

How are the frameworks different? And what is common?

Agile Scaling frameworks LeSS and SAFe have a history with Nokia
An article by the hands-on scaling practitioners: Ari Tikka and Ran Nyman, both are CSTs.

Scaling Scrum: SAFe, DAD, or LeSS?
A brief comparison of applicability in the eyes of Peter Stevens, CST

Scaling Scrum – a brief comparison of DAD, LeSS, and SAFe (a LinkedIn article)

Another comparison by Brian M. Rabon, CST, PMP

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